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Louvered Panels & Racks 

Order your louvered panel system where Ultra bins will hang on louvered panels or bin hanging systems in a wide range of configurations designed to meet all applications!  Our louvered panel systems can be customized to meet suit your needs with various colors and sized to fit perfectly within these bin rail systems.  Mobile, double sided racks transport easily and can accommodate a wide range of parts and accessories of weights.  Customize your own bin rail system and never worry about organization again!

bench rack

BR-3619: Bench Rack  Bins sold separately.  125 lb. load capacity
Model Outside Dimensions  L"xW"xH" Ctn Qty Ctn Wgt
BR-2721 27" x 8" x 21" 1 16 lbs
BR-3619 36" x 8" x 19" 1 19 lbs




louvered panel

LP-3661: Louvered Panel Bins sold separately. 500 lbs. load capacity


Model Outside Dimensions
L" x H"
Ctn Qty Ctn Wgt
LP-1819 18" x 19" 1 6 lbs
LP-3619 36" x 19" 1 13 lbs
LP-3661 36" x 61" 1 40 lbs




mobile double sided louvered rack

MD-36H: Mobile Double Sided Louvered Rack  Bins sold separately  1,200 lbs. load capacity.  Comes complete with four 5" hard rubber, heavy duty casters, 2 swivel and 2 rigid.  Easy to pull handle included


Model                    Outside Dimensions                Ctn Qty            Ctn Wgt
                                (L" x W" x H")    
                              Single Sided Unit, 750 lb. capacity
SS-366H                36" x 12-1/2" x 66"                          1                60 lbs
                              Double Sided Unit, 2,000 lb. capacity
DS-3666H              36" x 25" x 66"                                 1              106 lbs
                             Double Sided, Mobile Unit, 1,200 lb. capacity
MD-36H                   36" x 25" x 72"                               1              155 lbs



DS-3666H" Double Sided Louvered Rack  Bins sold separately. 2,000 lbs. capacity







* Prices are per item however, if less than carton quantity is ordered a $7.00 charge will be incurred.